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Challenging Innovation: Fencing with Concertina Coil for URC Construction in Trivandrum

Our client, URC Construction, is a prominent player in the real estate industry in the southern region. They approached us to fence the perimeter compound wall of one of their properties in Trivandrum, Kerala, using Concertina coil.

Typically, for Concertina coil installation, Y angles are designed and mounted on the wall, followed by the placement of 3-4 lines of Razor coils to secure the coil. However, in this particular project, the client requested a unique, curvy Y angle design, which added an elegant touch to the fencing. Interestingly, the client opted to forgo the Razor coil layer, which is commonly used. Instead, they asked us to install a plain rod inside the Concertina coil.

Regarding the installation process, some form of wire, such as barbed wire or razor wire, is usually necessary to secure the Concertina coil. However, in this case, we had to lay down the coil first, then insert the plain rod inside the coil and weld it to the angles.

Working with Concertina coil is known for its challenging engineering, sharpness, and complexity. Placing the rod inside the already installed Concertina coil is a particularly complicated and hazardous task. Moreover, the perimeter stretched for 3-4 km, and the terrain was not a straightforward flat road but rather filled with ups and downs, resembling stairs, which added to the challenge. To streamline this process, we brought a portable generator to the site, which posed its own set of challenges. The generator was heavy and required nearly 4-5 manpower for shifting, and the site’s uneven terrain, including slopes both uphill and downhill, made the shifting process even more demanding.

However, when we examine the site pictures, it’s evident that the work was executed with immense dedication and efficiency. The team prioritized the outcome over the challenges faced. This dedication impressed the client so much that we have since secured additional projects from the same client in different regions.




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