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Enhancing Security: A Case Study of Sanbrix Kingsberry Signature Villa – Kavundampalayam

Introduction: Sanbrix Kingsberry Signature Villa is a prestigious gated community of luxury villas located in Kavundampalayam. The property faced security challenges stemming from its proximity to a railway track, leading to frequent trespassing incidents. These issues escalated to the point where local law enforcement had to be involved. Despite the installation of CCTV cameras, the problem persisted, prompting the community to seek a more effective solution.

Client Introduction: Our company was introduced to the client through BNI enquiries, and we promptly engaged with them to assess the situation and propose viable security options within their budget.


  1. Frequent trespassing incidents due to the property’s proximity to a railway track.
  2. Ineffectiveness of previously installed CCTV cameras.
  3. Client indecision regarding the choice of security measures.

Our Solution: After multiple site visits and consultations with the client, we recommended two key security measures to address their specific challenges:

  1. Solar Fencing: We proposed installing solar fencing along the compound wall to deter trespassers effectively.
  2. Razor Wire with Concertina Coil Fencing: We also suggested the installation of razor wire with 275 GSM specification, which offered exceptional durability and a lifespan exceeding 25 years.

Challenges Overcome: While our initial recommendations caused some confusion and delays in decision-making, we remained committed to understanding the client’s needs and provided sample works to clarify the proposed solutions. Despite local competition, our dedication and tailored approach secured the contract.

Results: Since the installation of the razor wire with 275 GSM specification, more than a year has passed without a single complaint from the client regarding trespassing or related security issues. The aesthetic integrity of the existing compound wall was preserved, ensuring that residents felt safe without compromising the property’s appearance.

Client Satisfaction: Our successful project not only resolved the security concerns but also garnered sincere appreciation from the client. They have continued to trust us with additional projects, and we are their preferred choice for any future security requirements.

This case study highlights our commitment to providing effective and customized security solutions while maintaining the visual appeal of our client’s property. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Sanbrix Kingsberry Signature Villa.




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