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Facing domestic Animal Intrusion on your farmland? 
Read this case study….

Problem Statement of the customer: Mr. Fanny Nathaniel, is one of our old B2C clients, we have already received around 6-7 projects. This particular project was about fencing his farmland where he was facing domestic animal intrusions.

Client’s demand was to fence the gap between the existing fence; he already had a fencing done with natural stones and 3 lines of barbed wire.

One thing we suggested was to remove the existing fence and lay down a new and more suitable fence, but the client’s budget was quite otherwise towards this solution. Therefore, after putting a lot of thought into this, it was decided to add chain link fencing in those gaps. 

The existing fence on the client’s land was 6 feet height above the ground. If Chain Link fencing was selected for fencing throughout the perimeter for 6 feet, then costs would have been unbearable for the client.

Therefore, 3 feet Chain Link was supplied, which was applied by excavating 0.5 feet below the ground. This came as 0.5 feet below the ground and 2.5 feet above the ground. 

This made the farmland repellent not just to domestic animals, but even trespassing was impossible. This kind of fencing advanced the customer’s existing situation so much that he gave us a lot of orders later and referred us to a good number of prospective clients. These kinds of projects helped JustFence to become the world’s most loved fencing company.




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