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Want to protect your farmland from Animals, read this case study…

Problem Statement of the customer: This one particular client of ours, Dr. Kamal, who is a practicing professional at Vasan Eye Care, had a farmland and had plans over utilizing it for cultivation purposes. Before starting the cultivation he wants to protect his land so that any human being or any kind of animal cannot entire on that land. Due to all this reason, he wanted his land to be fenced.
How he approached us: Before approaching us, Dr.Kamal has done much research in the market in Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu, but couldn’t settle even after getting good prices. This client was a BNI Referral, and some BNI person told him that we were the only professional name in the market.We gave two options Barbed wire with 5 lines and 2 cross lines and Chain Link fence in which we gave 3.5 x 3.5 inches gap size with 3mm thickness. They wanted to stop from small cattle so we suggested chainlink would be the best option amongst the two. They agreed and want to go with Chainlink only.

The reason behind that why Dr.Kamal choose us was not the price that we were offering but it was the goodwill that we had in the market.

Even after knowing about us, that we are offering a little high price compared to the market, and that we are a company that provides professional services, this client was very skeptical.

This confused the client to a pretty good extent, in order to take more time to get converted as compared to the execution of the same. It took more time to convince the Mr, Kamal as we showed our project to him and we confidently explained to the client how we work and why there was a reason behind such a difference in local vendors and our quotation.

We were offering a long-term solution, providing 100 GSM material, which is not just durable as compared to other low-quality material which the local vendors were offering but it  was much more suitable when you want a fence with a longer life.After knowing all these things Dr.Kamal satisfied with our work and then he didn’t take more time to pay the advance was payment on the same day. After this, we created the WhatsApp group where the operation and project management teams were added. What ever work progress is done that was posted in the WhatsApp group.

This project is not just about the margin that was there, which is still a good remark about this project, but it also displays how we understand the client’s requirements and pitch a quotation that suits best their requirements.







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