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“Fencing Costs for One Acre: Barbed Wire vs. Chain Link”

The cost of fencing per acre property can vary depending on several factors, including the type of fencing material, labour costs, and the region where the property is located. Here are some approximate fencing cost ranges for two common types of fencing:

It’s important to note that these cost estimates are rough approximations and can vary significantly based on factors such as local market conditions, accessibility of the property, terrain, and any additional features or requirements.

To know the costing of 1 acre land, four things to be know:

  1. How to find the boundary length of your property? 
  2. How much fence material costs? 
  3. What’s the installation fencing costs?
  4. Are there any other costs that you need to be aware of?

It is very important to know the boundary length of your property to get the cost estimate. We can ascertain the boundary length by the following ways:

  1. Go to Google Maps, change to satellite view, zoom into your property and if you know the corners of your property right click your mouse, select the take measurement option, mark the corner points and voila you have the measurements! 
  2. In case you don’t have the GPS location of your property, you can find out the boundary from your property diagram document which looks something like this. Just add the lengths of all the sides and you will have the total boundary length of your property. 
  3. Worst case scenario, if you do not know your property’s exact location or don’t know its corners and also you don’t have the property diagram, you can log on to www.justfence.in and click on the Area Calculator.
  4. A very important point to note is that the calculator just gives you an approximate length, it is not the exact length, for example let’s take 3 properties which are all 1 acre but as you can see in the diagram, the boundary length of all the 3 properties is different. 
  5. Perfect Square – 820ft 
  6. Short Rectangle – 1070 ft
  7. Long Rectangle – 1840 ft 

If the property size increases the boundary does not increase in the same proportion. For e.g.

    Size of PropertyApproximate Boundary Length
    1 Acre1000  rft
    2 Acres1400  rft
    4 Acres2000  rft
    10 Acres3000  rft
    20 Acres4500  rft
    100 Acres10000 rft
    200 Acres14000 rft
    500 Acres22500 rft

    Now second important thing is calculating the material cost. There are several fence materials available such as Barbed Wire, Chain Link, and Electric Fence etc. For a plain land a basic fence is sufficient for demarcation so barbed wire fencing is the best as that is the cheapest and meets the objective.
    Using the area calculator, one acre is approximately 1 acre and for basic demarcation just 4 lines of barbed wire is enough. Hence your total fencing cost will be calculated in the following way 
    4 lines x 1000 ft = 4000ft 
    Another the important thing is fence poles, the standard height of a fence pole is 7ft and standard spacing is 10ft. And for every 8th pillar, you need to give a support pillar and for every corner and end pillar you need to give supports, hence you would need: 
    1000/10 = 100 Main Pillars 
    Approximately 35 Support Pillars

    There are also other costs you need to factor such as:

    Cost FactorDetail
    Site CleaningCleaning with a JCB or manual cleaning if no dense foliage
    Site SurveyMeasuring and Marking of perimeter before work starts
    Soil ConditionIf soil is clayey or loose, foundation of poles becomes a must
    Concrete MaterialsCost of sand, cement, jelly, water & labour cost if you decide to concrete poles
    TransportationWill vary according to the quantity of material and distance of your property
    AccessoriesBinding wire / Hooks & Clamps / Nut & Bolt to fix barbed wire
    MachineriesAugur Machines / Hole Piling Tractors
    ToolsBarbed Wire Tightening Machine, Hooks, Line thread & Crowbars
    AccomodationFor labours if site is in remote area
    Food & WaterFor labours if not part of contract
    SupervisionDaily wages of an engineer incase not supervising by self
    PorterageLoading & Unloading of poles, fence materials & accessories
    StorageTemporary shed if site is large and risk of theft is there
    SecurityIf site is in a high crime area and possibility of theft is there at night

    When we add all the factors, the cost of fence will come up as follows:
    Size of PropertyCost Range
    1 Acre₹50,000 to ₹2 Lakhs
    2 Acre₹70,000 to ₹2.8 Lakhs
    4 Acre₹1 Lakh to ₹4 Lakhs
    10 Acre₹1.5 Lakh to ₹6 Lakhs
    20 Acre₹2.25 Lakh to ₹8 Lakhs
    50 Acre₹3.5 Lakhs to ₹12 Lakhs
    100 Acre₹5 Lakhs to ₹15 Lakhs

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